5 Causes of Traffic Jam in Jakarta

Posted by Frans Enriko Siregar On 5 komentar
Jakarta, Indonesia's capital is well-known by its traffic jam. Every day Jakartans must face this problem, the problem that can't be solved (I guess). Government should take care about this problem. Traffic jam in Jakarta makes many other mistakes like stressed, tired, waste time, energy and also fuel for the vehicle. Even more, polution will be increased. Many Jakartans spend their time only in street, because of Traffic Jam.

And actually, have you ever thought what the causes are? Many causes make traffic jam in Jakarta be worse and worse. Such as:

1. Too Many Vehicles
This is the first problem in Jakarta. The frequency of vehicles in Jakarta is not in proportion to the area. More years more vehicles in Jakarta, especially motorcycle. Government should have to manage this huge frequency.

2. Indiscipline Drivers
Many drivers don't obey the traffic rules, like stop wherever they like, use low speed in wrong way, ignore the traffic light and many more. And even more the public transportations that feel as a king on the street. They take and get passengers down in wrong place.

3. Wrong Traffic Light
The fault I mean here is the length of time. Sometimes, the time length is too long. That's not suits with the frequency of vehicles. It causes the vehicles "piled up" and certainly traffic jam will be created.

4. Too Few Highway
Highway is very useful to reduce traffic jam. And may be highway in Jakarta is still few so can't handle all of the vehicles to avoid traffic jam.

5. Busway
At least bus way has taken some percents of road. The aim is right, to reduce vehicle using in Jakarta. But it's not so successful and finally just tighten the road.

I also don't know how can Jakarta be like this. Jakarta should be free from traffic jam because it's our capital. Government also must be serious solving this problem.

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Adopt a Poké said...

The government itself is a mess. What else do you expect?

Frans Enriko Siregar said...

Yeah, I know.
We can do nothing. Only them can arrange it, ours aren't useful.

bintang ramadhan said...

the busway shuold be in the left side of the slow lane and the kopaja and metromini stop. the motor cycle should be less.by highering the price of motor cycle and lowering the price of cars. thats the instruction in australia. when the goverment pass in the road and do something bad for example going to busway lane should be fined 500000 like the community. Thank you i wish my information is usefull.

bintang ramadhan said...

to change the kopaja and the metro mini we should have more transjakarta feeder busway that follow the kopaja and metro mini rute.

Michael Lee said...
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