IDR Finance is a Scam

Posted by Frans Enriko Siregar On 8 komentar

I'm really interested earning money in internet, hence I join many earning programs like PTC, PPC, investment, and others. If we wanna join programs like those, the first thing we think is "Is it a SCAM or not?". I always think about that. So far, I have found a PTC that's SCAM; Indo Clix. But this time, I found another one, IDR Finance, a investment business (they said).

In that investment program, we're asked to deposit our money and then they will turn it become more and more. They said that they'll use our money to be played in foreign exchange business. They had a cool and experienced broker who can make us get profit. At the first time I believed that and I deposit my money.

The lucky thing is I deposit only Rp 10.000,- (app. $0.99). Depends on the program, if I deposit Rp 10.000,- for a month, I'll get Rp 13.000,- at the end of the period (a month). I think that's really profitable. And at the end of the month, I checked my account and I didn't get full, only Rp 12.200,- but that's no problem for me. The most important thing is "I get a profit :D".

I get into the pay-out form directly. I wanna check is this program is SCAM or NOT! But, I can cash out. Their reason is I filled wrong verification code, in fact I really remember the code. I retry it and the result is same. I was dissapointed because of it.

But that's no problem, because the amount is so small. But, why do they scam people by making program like that? May God saw it :D. So for the others, if you wanna join programs that say you will be paid, you must check it first, the truth. You can googling and get more information about that program so that you won't be scammed, like "me".

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endr said...

yupz...bener bgt tuh...kemungkinan besar IDRFinance SCAAAAMMMM....!!!
agut juga udahmelakukan penarikan kira" seminggu yang lalu, tp sampai sekarang blm masuk juga..
beberapa kali coba contact ke support nya blm dpt tambahan juga...

Admin said...

Yes, it's really a scam.
I faced it more and more.
They said that my verification code was wrong whereas, I remember the code.

Wahyu Rochdiat M said...

saya mendapat 2 juta saya dari IDR kok
walaupun memang lama, mungkin karena banyak yang meminta 10.000 an kali ya....(jadi bikin ribet anggota lain yang bener2 serius...)
ayooo join....hehehe

Admin said...

Saya sudah jera gan :)

Evi Wahyuni said...

I think, it's really a SCAM..because it's already 2 month, and I didn't any update for my money...Trying to contact the admin, no reply, trying to call..also can't reach them...!!

Admin said...

yes, you're right. They run away from their responsibility. Luckily, I just invested a little there,,,

thomas said...

apa benar kah idr finance itu scam????
idr-clckit pun begitu telah menjadi scam,,, harus benar2 memilih tempat inves yang benar2 solid nih kayak nya..


Frans Enriko Siregar said...

ya nih, saya kira juga IDR bakal bertahan lama, ternyata nggak :'(

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