The New One, VC Bux

Posted by Frans Enriko Siregar On 2 komentar
I add a new one in my PTC list. This site also has good prospect. It's still same with another site, we'll paid if we click their adds in some times.

VC Bux is a good PTC, I think. This PTC will pay us $0.01 per add and there are 4-5 adds every day. The Pay Out is also low.It's only $2. It means we can cash out in one and a half months. It's short time, right? By the way, explanation I did is as a Standard Member. If you wanna upgrade it, you'll get more.

$ per click = $0.01
Amount of adds = 4-5 every day
Pay Out = $2
Payment Method = PayPal and AlertPay

If you wanna join me, It can be done below:

or you can register here.

2 komentar:

Anonymous said...

VCBUX turns out to be just another freaking SCAM. Just like countless others I have become involved with. PTC's suck.

Frans Enriko Siregar said...

yap, so many PTCs become SCAM...
So, i have been retired from them

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