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Posted by Frans Enriko Siregar On 5 komentar
By the way, this is my first post in 2011. Hehehe... I have too many blogs and I am focus in another blog, so this time I wanna post something that makes me happy. It's AdsenseCamp Indonesia; a site that will pay us if visitors click their ads we install in our blog. Or many people say as Pay Per Click (PPC).

Actually, I'm not paid a lot. But shortly, I feel happy because at least I can earn from my blog. It was March 3rd, I was paid Rp 13.800 (app. $1.4). It's transferred to my bank account. This is the payment screenshot :

I hope, for the next time I'll be paid again and more and faster. If You wanna join this PPC, You can join with me by clicking this banner below.

Adsense Indonesia

5 komentar:

ibnu_roihan said...

selamat,.. selamat,..
moga-moga ke depan lebih banyak kas yang masuk,.

dari dulu pengen belajar ngeblog ga jadi-jadi mulu nih,.. haha :D

Admin said...

haha.. thanks thanks rey,,

gw juga ngeblog dri 2010 gak pinter2,, :D

rhe said...

selamat yahh.
saya jadi pengen dapet duit juga dari ngeblog :)

Frans Enriko Siregar said...

thank you...
ikutan aja yang seperti ini, pasti dapet kok :D

duniasharing said...

wah mantab kang. ehhee.. punya ane blm nambah2 he..

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