Make Your Diary With Notepad

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Are you one who like writing your experience or daily life in a book? Like diary? If you do this with hand-writing, so you have to write the date when you experience something manually. Here I want to share something that may be makes you easier to write a diary.

This time, you don't need a book to write, but you only need notepad that's available in your computer. Notepad is like an usual note. But many people don't know there's something unique in it. Okay, I'll show you how to make diary with your notepad. It's really simple, everyone can do this.

First, open your notepad. You can find it by : START --- Accesories ---Notepad

After you've opened that. Type this word; .LOG IN . Like this:

After that, save with any name you like. And then open it again. Each time you open it, it will show the date and time. So you don't need to write the date when you wanna write on your diary. So, just open and then write. The sample is like this:

May it be useful for you. 

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Transform Your Picture into Letter

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Surely you'd ever seen a picture that's drawn in letters. Usually, we can see them in Facebook. That's really unique I think. Have you ever thought how to make that picture? Did you think someone arrange those letters one by one? May be YES may be NO. And have you ever thought that you want to make one for you? Well, this time I want to share site will help you making that thing. 

You can click this LINK. And you will be given three choices like what your picture will be transformed. As an example I'll choose ASCII, the middle one. Just click on the ASCII and then fill form that's given at the left side. Upload your picture which you want to be transformed. And then convert it.

I want transform this picture below.

And the result is:

Further you see, you will get better vision 


Second Payment From OnBux

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Finally I got the second payment from OnBux, after I'd ever got the first one before. I felt doubt because the issue said OnBux has been a scam PTC. Many members said they didn't paid. I just can click it agan and again waiting until I got the minimum Pay Out.

After I got that, I clicked the PayOut button directly to cash out. I choose PayPal and they said that PayPal way is can't be accesed. I thought that the issue was right. I felt dissapointed. And after few days, I tried the other payment method; Alert Pay. I tried it and finally I got paid. In fact, the issue was wrong.

Here is the screenshot of the payment:

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