5 Causes of Traffic Jam in Jakarta

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Jakarta, Indonesia's capital is well-known by its traffic jam. Every day Jakartans must face this problem, the problem that can't be solved (I guess). Government should take care about this problem. Traffic jam in Jakarta makes many other mistakes like stressed, tired, waste time, energy and also fuel for the vehicle. Even more, polution will be increased. Many Jakartans spend their time only in street, because of Traffic Jam.

And actually, have you ever thought what the causes are? Many causes make traffic jam in Jakarta be worse and worse. Such as:

1. Too Many Vehicles
This is the first problem in Jakarta. The frequency of vehicles in Jakarta is not in proportion to the area. More years more vehicles in Jakarta, especially motorcycle. Government should have to manage this huge frequency.

2. Indiscipline Drivers
Many drivers don't obey the traffic rules, like stop wherever they like, use low speed in wrong way, ignore the traffic light and many more. And even more the public transportations that feel as a king on the street. They take and get passengers down in wrong place.

3. Wrong Traffic Light
The fault I mean here is the length of time. Sometimes, the time length is too long. That's not suits with the frequency of vehicles. It causes the vehicles "piled up" and certainly traffic jam will be created.

4. Too Few Highway
Highway is very useful to reduce traffic jam. And may be highway in Jakarta is still few so can't handle all of the vehicles to avoid traffic jam.

5. Busway
At least bus way has taken some percents of road. The aim is right, to reduce vehicle using in Jakarta. But it's not so successful and finally just tighten the road.

I also don't know how can Jakarta be like this. Jakarta should be free from traffic jam because it's our capital. Government also must be serious solving this problem.

Pop Art Toaster

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This is a great idea for the office; it is a toaster with messages and the useful USB coffee cup warmer that keeps that coffee hot for longer! The set is in a retro sort of design but there is nothing retro about the technology used in these gadgets.

Unique all-in-one table top toaster burns “Bite Me” and “Ugh…” into your toast
Easily removable templates for when Mom comes to visit
Adjustable thermostat control
Non-stick baking plate. Cool touch housing
Free additional USB Coffee Warming Plate!
Priced at $44.99


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I just watched this movie. I don't now this film is either old or new released. This film is really fantastic. Makes me feel thrill, sad, afraid, it's mixed. I rate five for this film that's directed by Alister Grierson. And it's starred by Richard Roxburgh, Ioan Gruffudd, and Rhys Wakefield.

Sanctum stories about an expedition exploring caves under soil. And this time they find a remarkable place that is located in Papua New Guinea. There's a really huge hole on the soil surface and it forms many cavities in the ground. George father and his team has been got in first. They have reached a position that's same with sea water surface. And they wanna explore deeper and deeper.

George and his team get down into the hole, following his dad's team. But fortune is not at their side. Suddenly, a heavy rain comes and storm happens on the ground. The teams realize that by seeing water filters down on cave's wall. Then, they can't be longer there because they'll be drowned. They try to climb the cave's wall, and water keep attacks them from the upper ground. Because the huge volume of water flow into the cave, it makes a big stone moved and close the hole they use as a way out.

There's no other choice to climb except finding other way. They all explore the cave. There, many accidents and obstacles they faced. One by one the team's member died. Many mournful scenes there. And at the last, only George who ia safe and can find the other way to get on the ground.

In conclusion, this film is so cool, sad, thrilling. I suggest all of you to watch it. You won't be disappointed. Sure! 

Make Frozen Juice Pops in Minutes

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This is a real cool idea literally, as the device makes frozen juice pops in minutes with no need to place the unit in the freezer, although the device has to be primed in the deep freeze for twenty four hours. Once in use the device can make nine frozen juice pops before the unit has to be put back into the deep freeze. It is great fun for the kids as the entire process can be done at the dinner table and three ice pops take just ten minutes to make.

These are the features and specs for the Ten Minute Frozen Juice Pop Maker;
Its three cast-aluminum molds are surrounded by a sealed freezing solution and the rapid freezingprocess produces smoother juice pops with fewer ice crystals than traditional frozen confections. The molds can be filled with any juice, pudding, or fresh fruit and ingredients can be added intermittently to make layered juice pops. Includes six juice pop sticks with drip-catching handles. Hand wash. 8″ L x 4 2/3″ W x 4 1/2″ H. (2 1/2 lbs.)
Priced at $49.95


The New One, VC Bux

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I add a new one in my PTC list. This site also has good prospect. It's still same with another site, we'll paid if we click their adds in some times.

VC Bux is a good PTC, I think. This PTC will pay us $0.01 per add and there are 4-5 adds every day. The Pay Out is also low.It's only $2. It means we can cash out in one and a half months. It's short time, right? By the way, explanation I did is as a Standard Member. If you wanna upgrade it, you'll get more.

$ per click = $0.01
Amount of adds = 4-5 every day
Pay Out = $2
Payment Method = PayPal and AlertPay

If you wanna join me, It can be done below:

or you can register here.

IDR Finance is a Scam

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I'm really interested earning money in internet, hence I join many earning programs like PTC, PPC, investment, and others. If we wanna join programs like those, the first thing we think is "Is it a SCAM or not?". I always think about that. So far, I have found a PTC that's SCAM; Indo Clix. But this time, I found another one, IDR Finance, a investment business (they said).

In that investment program, we're asked to deposit our money and then they will turn it become more and more. They said that they'll use our money to be played in foreign exchange business. They had a cool and experienced broker who can make us get profit. At the first time I believed that and I deposit my money.

The lucky thing is I deposit only Rp 10.000,- (app. $0.99). Depends on the program, if I deposit Rp 10.000,- for a month, I'll get Rp 13.000,- at the end of the period (a month). I think that's really profitable. And at the end of the month, I checked my account and I didn't get full, only Rp 12.200,- but that's no problem for me. The most important thing is "I get a profit :D".

I get into the pay-out form directly. I wanna check is this program is SCAM or NOT! But, I can cash out. Their reason is I filled wrong verification code, in fact I really remember the code. I retry it and the result is same. I was dissapointed because of it.

But that's no problem, because the amount is so small. But, why do they scam people by making program like that? May God saw it :D. So for the others, if you wanna join programs that say you will be paid, you must check it first, the truth. You can googling and get more information about that program so that you won't be scammed, like "me".

AdsenseCamp Indonesia Paid Me

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By the way, this is my first post in 2011. Hehehe... I have too many blogs and I am focus in another blog, so this time I wanna post something that makes me happy. It's AdsenseCamp Indonesia; a site that will pay us if visitors click their ads we install in our blog. Or many people say as Pay Per Click (PPC).

Actually, I'm not paid a lot. But shortly, I feel happy because at least I can earn from my blog. It was March 3rd, I was paid Rp 13.800 (app. $1.4). It's transferred to my bank account. This is the payment screenshot :

I hope, for the next time I'll be paid again and more and faster. If You wanna join this PPC, You can join with me by clicking this banner below.

Adsense Indonesia

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