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I just watched this movie. I don't now this film is either old or new released. This film is really fantastic. Makes me feel thrill, sad, afraid, it's mixed. I rate five for this film that's directed by Alister Grierson. And it's starred by Richard Roxburgh, Ioan Gruffudd, and Rhys Wakefield.

Sanctum stories about an expedition exploring caves under soil. And this time they find a remarkable place that is located in Papua New Guinea. There's a really huge hole on the soil surface and it forms many cavities in the ground. George father and his team has been got in first. They have reached a position that's same with sea water surface. And they wanna explore deeper and deeper.

George and his team get down into the hole, following his dad's team. But fortune is not at their side. Suddenly, a heavy rain comes and storm happens on the ground. The teams realize that by seeing water filters down on cave's wall. Then, they can't be longer there because they'll be drowned. They try to climb the cave's wall, and water keep attacks them from the upper ground. Because the huge volume of water flow into the cave, it makes a big stone moved and close the hole they use as a way out.

There's no other choice to climb except finding other way. They all explore the cave. There, many accidents and obstacles they faced. One by one the team's member died. Many mournful scenes there. And at the last, only George who ia safe and can find the other way to get on the ground.

In conclusion, this film is so cool, sad, thrilling. I suggest all of you to watch it. You won't be disappointed. Sure! 

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