Make Your Diary With Notepad

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Are you one who like writing your experience or daily life in a book? Like diary? If you do this with hand-writing, so you have to write the date when you experience something manually. Here I want to share something that may be makes you easier to write a diary.

This time, you don't need a book to write, but you only need notepad that's available in your computer. Notepad is like an usual note. But many people don't know there's something unique in it. Okay, I'll show you how to make diary with your notepad. It's really simple, everyone can do this.

First, open your notepad. You can find it by : START --- Accesories ---Notepad

After you've opened that. Type this word; .LOG IN . Like this:

After that, save with any name you like. And then open it again. Each time you open it, it will show the date and time. So you don't need to write the date when you wanna write on your diary. So, just open and then write. The sample is like this:

May it be useful for you. 

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