A Game To Take Care of Our Pokemon

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Do you still remember Pokemon? This kind of cartoon was famous in about 2000, when I was still in Junior High School exactly  . Pokemon is something that we have in Pokemon world to be taken care of. And they also will protect us if we will be attacked by something others. More they fight with another Pokemon, more skill they will have.

Here, I wanna share this Pokemon in a game. In this game, we can take care of them until they have more and more level by clicking them once a day. One click will raise their level at one. Not only us who can click the Pokemon, other people also can. How? By sharing their link to your blog, forum, or social network. Everyone clicks the link will raise your pokemon's level.

As examples; here are some of my Pokemons. You can click them too to help me. 


If you wanna join us to play this game, you can enter by click this link.

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