Verify PayPal Account Without Credit Card

Posted by Frans Enriko Siregar On 4 komentar

Many people especially NOT U.S. people face a trouble with this account, PayPal. We can register to have it but we just can receive some payments. If we wanna send payment, we can't. Because of what? Verifying mistake. We can verify it by synchronizing that account with our credit card. Do you have any credit card? More people don't have. Therefore, this time I wanna share the way to verify it without credit card anymore.

I have had this account type almost for a year but the status is still "unverified". I'd searched from google how I can verify it without credit card. Because I don't have credit card anymore. Until some days ago I found the way. 

The way is; you can find "Contact Us" at PayPal web, and then click them and send them a message to email that's available there. Send a message that contains you wanna verify your account but you don't have credit card.

After one or two days, your message will be replied and you'll be asked to send your ID card and bank account book (the copied one) to email that they give. Send two of them and wait for 2 days, they will reply again and they will ask you to answer a survey. Take the short survey and then, tomorrow PayPal will send an email for you telling about your account have been verified by them. That's really easy, isn't it?

So, let's do it now. 

4 komentar:

Anonymous said...

Does this actually work? o_O

What ID card and bank account book to give them? :S

Thanks. :)

Admin said...

Your identification card that shows your picture and adress.
And your bank account book on page one that shows your bank account number and full name.
It's really work. I'd faced it :D

jude said...

I don't have a credit card and enteropay doesn't work in my region. How do I verify my paypal account

Frans Enriko Siregar said...

@jude : you just send your email to them and they will ask you some requirements, and do it :D

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