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Typing what? Surely people will ask that. What I mean here is typing catcha. Everyone has known captcha, right? Yes! The word whose appearance like squiggle, not clear. I found this way two days ago by seraching from google. I was interested and tried it. Yeah, it's not dissapointing. For me, it's cool. 

You will be paid $0.001 for typing a right captcha code. You think it's small? Don't jump into conclusion! I just joined for two days and I have earned $0.15. Only two days, what if a month? You can calculate them by yourself. 

In this system, there's a word; priority. This is like grade of your work between 0 to 9. 0 is the best and 9 is the worst. 0 priority will have more captcha codes than 9 one. For the beginning, you'll get 4 priority and then you'll type some captcha codes and then they will calculate your right typing and judge your grade of priority. More captcha code you type is right, you will get better priority and you'll get more captcha code every day automatically.

You wanna join? You can visit here www.pixprofit.com

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