3 Tips for Online Shopping

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Nowadays, businessmen develop their market by selling their product in internet. Surely, its an effective method, because so many people use internet. I'm one of the people who like shopping from the internet. But, we've heard so many cases that the sellers deceive their customers. Here, I wanna share some tips before you want to buy something from the internet service. They are:

1. Website
You can see the website either it's good or bad. I mean that the arranging of the website. If it's tidy and well-arranged we can conclude that site is really good. But if the appearance is bad, the arranging is so messy may be it's like a scammer.

2. Price
You can compare the price with other websites. You can search them by googling in order that you won't be deceived. Pay Attention! The right one is not too cheap and expensive. The super cheap price can be tempted and scammer use this moment to deceive you.

3. Testimonies
You can see all of their customers' testimonies. Is it good or not? If there're many testimonies tell that their service is good, those can guarantee you to buy from that seller.

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Anonymous said...

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Diana Sesarin said...

Thanks for the tips, maybe one day I will open an online shop.

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