FarmVille VS Farm Town

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Both of them are farming games. Both of them are Facebook games. Both of them are so known. They are FarmVille and Farm Town. This time, I want to compare these two fun games, farming games.

FarmVille as we know the Zynga's game is known first before Farm Town. After some times, Farm Town got in Facebook. Farm Town also has many players, like Farm Ville's. Farm Ville has more beautiful picture than Farm Town. The cartoon feeling is greater. And also, it has more funny items. Farm Ville keep improve their game's item. But I think, more longer time more difficult Farm Ville is. If we've had large farm, we need more fuel to fasten our work and also to make us untired. But how do we get fuel? It's difficult.

But, if we play Farm Town, we can get fuel every day, so we won't be tired because of our large farm. So we can get much money in short time. At the first time, I prefer FarmVille to Farm Town. But because I've had larger farm, it makes me prefer Farm Town to FarmVille because of that simpleness.

But it is my opinion. Actually, I keep play both of them. Only the frequency is different. Farm Town is more.

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