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FarmVille has become a most liked game in Facebook. Because this game is so fun and always makes the player want to play it again and again. Actually I haven't played this game for a long time, I am still at thirty first level. But I want to share some tips playing this fun game.

The most important for us to get the higher level is absolutely experience or it's often called as XP. The higher level we wanna get, the more XP we must have. We can get XP from plowing and seeding. A tip from me is, if you want to get XP fast you may grow crops that can be harvested in a day but has a high XP for each seeding (ex: arthicoke, grape, sun flower, etc.). So you will get XP every day. And also you will be tired because of that working.

If you work without using any tractors, there's a tip for you. Trap yourself in a fence or something. I mean like this, you stand wherever you like and then arrange four fences around you so you can't go out from there and even move. Your time for working will be shorter.

If you like to save your fuel (not using it for tractors), I suggest you that you have to use it every day (a little is okay) because if you don't use it anymore, you can't get fuel that your friends share for you.

If you have a bushel of any crops, you can use it so if you harvest crops whose the bushel is used, you can add one plus mastery for each plot. And you will get the third mastery fast, won't you? And it will absolutely give extra XP for you.

And if you know some tips to get farm cash, please share here mrgreen because I don't know it until now.

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