How To Change Our Mozilla Firefox Theme?

Posted by Frans Enriko Siregar On 2 komentar
Perhaps, many people have known about my this time post. That's how we can change our Mozilla Firefox Theme like this:

Here is Son Goku (Dragon Ball) Theme

Actually, it's very simple. We just visit . There will be shown some themes directly, but if you want the others click the More and Upcoming Personas.

You can choose the categories on the left side. If you wanna look the sample that we wanna choose, just place your cursor on the theme that you choose and Mozilla will show it. And if you like it, click "Wear It" and the theme will be activated.

To unactivate the theme, you can look at "Tools" at your Mozilla Tool Bar, then "Add-ons" .
"Themes" and look at your theme and click the "Uninstall" .

You can also add more themes in your add-ons and you can change your Mozilla Firefox theme whenever you want.

2 komentar:

MAMA IIN said...

udh kucoba keren juga trms infonya

fransenrikosiregar said...

Thank U Mbak :)

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