Nuclear Energy

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Energy problem is one of the most topic that is discussed lately. We can get energy from many sources, such as; water (the most), wind, fuel, wave and even nuclear. The more decreasing of energy sources supply makes new energy sources finding, alternative energy development, and the effect of petroleum usage to environment be often discussed.

            Environment effects and the less of energy sources force us to find and develop any other alternative energy sources. One of them (alternative energy sources) is nuclear energy. Although the effect can make a fatal trouble, but nuclear energy becomes an alternative energy source we have to try.

            All people surely directly imagine how scary the nuclear is. Because nuclear has a bad reputation by destroying Chernobyl, Ukraine at 1986.  This news has made people’s mind not to try this energy at all because of it’s dangerous effect. But if nuclear energy can be managed well and wisely, it can give much energy supply in our life.

            Nuclear energy has some advantages and also disadvantages. One of the advantages is nuclear energy can give more energy supply than the other energy sources. And also nuclear energy has cheaper fuel and it is easier to move (with extra high monitoring). And this energy doesn’t cause either a greenhouse effect or acid rain. From data, the power plant that is using fossil as fuel can produce greenhouse gas; 974gr CO2, 962mg SO2, and 700mg NOX. Meanwhile, nuclear energy only produce 9-21gr CO2.

            Nuclear energy also has disadvantages like the expensive cost to build it because of its dangerous radiation. The uranium that has been processed in that system will give a dangerous radiation that can make all of things surrounding it be destroyed at all. So it is often called as a destroyer.

            In conclusion, By comparing all of the advantages and disadvantages people can make a decision if it is better to use nuclear energy or not. If we can manage all of the power plant procedure by using this kind of energy as its fuel, there is no harm for us to try using this kind of energy.

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