How to Play : Feeding Frenzy

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Games can make all of us be relax. Because games will give a special entertainment if we really enjoy it. There's an exceptional if it's a war game. We won't be relax, but we become more stressed. The game that will give us relaxation is a light game. What does "light" mean? Like a kid game; a really simple game but fun. It's like Feeding Frenzy.

Many people have known about this game, and also children have too. Feeding Frenzy has 2 version; Feeding Frenzy and Feeding Frenzy 2. They have the same playing method. You just eat other fish that is smaller than you. How if you eat the bigger one? Yap, you'll be eaten by that big fish. If you have eaten many fish, you will grow bigger and can eat the bigger fish too. Your growing is in three levels; small (eat small fish), medium (eat small and medium fish) and big (eat small, medium and big fish). More fish you eat, more faster you will grow and finally you can pass each level.

Here, I don't give a download link for this game, sorry. You can download that from another website, so many of them. Be fun and enjoy this game.

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